Division 35 Amtrak

Division 35 Amtrak
We welcome you to our dedicated web page.  Division 35 meets at 11:30 AM the 2nd Monday of each month. 
Our meetings are held at the; Teamsters Local 512 building, 1210 Lane Avenue North, Jacksonville, FL 32254. 

Division Officers

Local Chairman-Sharif Ahmed
President-Troy Tober

Vice President-Chris Martone

Secretary & Treasurer-Craig Morris

Legislative Representative-Bob Poccia


Florida Mayors

Jacksonville City Council/Commission

County by County Guide to County Commissioners

Contact the Governor

Take Action

Use the Sites Above to Notify; The Florida Governor, City Mayors, County Commissioners and City Council Members
About the Economic Impact of Amtrak to your Community and State 
​"Tell them President Trump's proposed budget Cuts would eliminate Amtrak's Long Distance Routes
​including; trains servicing our major Florida cities." 
​This hurts residents and tourists who would rather travel by train, alleviates hghway congestion, cuts down on polution, and offers safe and efficent alternatives to travel. 
Over 1 million passengers optioned to travel by Amtrak into and out of Florida in 2016.    

*Check the Home Page Under Contact legislators
for State Senators, State Representatives, FL US Senators, Congressional Representatives 
*Visit the Government & Political Action site for Direct Links 

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