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Changing of the Guard

As of 3-12-19, brother Brendan Sullivan, has taken over the reigns as Chairman of the Florida State Legisative Board.   Brendan is a natural choice for this position and is well prepared to meet the challenges associated with our mission in the political and safety envornment.  

Congratulations Brendan!

Sent 2-23-19

Legislative Update
FSLB Vice Chair, Brendan Sullivan, accompanied me to Tallahassee February 11-14.  We spent the time to let Legislators know our positions concerning the language in the crossing bill.  Also, we met with the Legislative Director of the AFL-CIO.  Right now nothing is moving with regard to railroad issues.    

Momentum has begun with the Governors prioraties of moving more public funds previously earmarked for public schools into the coffers of for profit private institutions.  Last year, former House Speaker Richard Corcoran did the same thing and moved millions of dollars to private schools.  This year, Corcoran is no longer in the House of Representatives due to term limits.  However, he has been appointed to fill the open seat of-Education Commissioner. 

We attended a Transportation meeting which focused on extending toll roads.  Florida definantly needs more transit options.  Amtrak still provides a wonderful service for Florida.  This is the option that should be expanded.  

Letting elected leaders know about our viewpoints has definitely made a difference in Tallahassee.  Lots of bad ideas over the years never came to see the light of day.   Truthfully, there is a medium of responsibility that all union members own when it comes to contacting elected Senate and House Representatives.  
Brendan was a big help to me.  Wishing everyone a good weekend.  

D. Lavery      

Florida State Legislative Session 2019