Division 769 Orlando-Wildwood

Welcome to Division 769 !


We represent Engineers and Conductors throughout the Orlando area. Our membership

monthly meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at  19:00, via the Zoom web platform

Members are encouraged to attend. Guests wishing to visit must have clearance through the

Division President.

Please reference the BLE&T Bylaws under Local Division Rules page 80 and Rules of

Order found on page 122.



        Local Chairman  & Legislative Representative

Brendan P. Sullivan                                                                                   

  Cell (386)576-6699                                                            

Email: onetrainman@hotmail.com                                                                                                                                                                   

       Vice Local Chairman

J. (Lamar) Gary

Cell  (352) 973-6718

Email: perfectthroughchrist@gmail.com                                                                                            

       Secretary Treasurer & VLC             

              Gerry J. Nocentino Jr.                                                                                        

       Cell (407) 620-9929                                        

       Email: knocentino@cfl.rr.com                                                              


Critical Incident Coordinator

Brendan P. Sullivan (386) 576-6699

Operation Redblock

Philip Young-System Coordinator  (270)779-5873
Contact Phil for opportunities of local membership involvement!

Operation Lifesaver

Gerry J. Nocentino  (407) 620-9929


Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainman Division 769

Safety Contact Div. Legislative Rep. Brendan Sullivan

Take Action!  THE RISK IF YOU DO NOT.  Then Legislators  Will Only Hear From Those

Who Care Nothing About Working Families.  

1. Contact Local County and City Government and Make Your Voice Heard:  

Infrastructure, Transportation, Amtrak , Two Federally Certified Employees

in the Locomotive Cab/Engineer and Conductor.   

Use the Links Below and Visit the Home Page Government and Political Action Tab for: Two Person Crew, Right to Work, Amtrak!

Other Points:  Tell Government Officials The Importance of Railroad Retirement Which Costs Our Government Nothing.  Safety Regulations Protecting Railroad Workers,

Well Funded Public Schools, not money pouring into for Porfit Charters.  Public Safety & Infrastructure Investments are extremely Important to Orlando and the Surrounding Area.     

Orlando City Council


County by County Guide/Look up Local County Commissioners


Contact The Governor


List of Florida City Mayors



Remember that you have 60 days from the date of the incident to file a claim
The carrier has 8 pay periods to pay or deny your claim. This time starts at the date
that you submitted it.
The local chairman has 90 days to submit an appeal to labor relations, time beginning
at the date of the denial
Labor relations then has 90 days to respond to the local chairman from the date of the
local chairman's appeal.

Claim Form

FRA Region 3 Office