Division 216 Tampa-Lakeland

Welcome to Division 216 TAMPA/LAKELAND 

We represent; Engineers, Conductors and RCO operators throughout the Tampa/Lakeland area.  Our membership monthly meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 16:30, International Chemical Workers Union Hall, 5020 South 50th Street, Tampa, FL 33619.  Members are encouraged to attend.  Guests wishing to visit must have clearance through the Division President.
Please reference the BLE&T Bylaws under Local Division Rules page 80 and Rules of Order, found on page 122.

BLE&T Application


PRESIDENT:                                      Bro. Ed McFail

                                                                        Cell:    (813) 361-0773

                                                                        Email: edmcfail@yahoo.com


LOCAL CHAIRMAN:                      Bro. David Wyatt

                                                                        Cell:    (813) 446-4733

                                                                        Email: d.wyatt56@yahoo.com

VICE LOCAL CHAIRMAN:           Bro. Tim Dickerson

                                                                        Cell:    (813) 


LEGISLATIVE REP:                       

SECRETARY/TREASURER:          Bro. David Wyatt

                                                                        Cell:    (813) 446-4733

                                                                        Email: d.wyatt56@yahoo.com 

GUIDE & CHAPLAIN:                                     Bro. Luke Harris

                                                                        Cell:   (863) 398-1832

                                                                        Email: lucas_harris@rocketmail.com


TRUSTEES: D. Parazzoli, B. May, J. Vinski,  J. Floyd

Critical Incident Coordinators
David Wyatt-(813)-446-4733
Cam Razi-(727)455-6660
Bob May-(813)-240-9780

Operation Redblock
Philip Young-System Coordinator  (270)779-5873
Redblock Division Team Captains:
Ron McIntyre-(813)846-7302
 Ed Perez-(352)572-9987 

Contact Local Government Officials
Pinellas County Commissioners: https://www.polk-county.net/commissioners
St. Petersburg City Council: http://www.stpete.org/council/
Contact The Governorhttp://www.flgov.com/

Union Political Action Started When The BLE&T Was Formed In 1863
Every Legislative Action Taking Place in your Community, Tallahassee, and Washington
Directly or Indirectly Affects You and Your Family!
The Risk If You Are Not Registered To Vote/Do Not Vote/Not Involved.
Government Officials Will Only Hear From Those Not interested In Issues Involving Working Families. 

*Visit the sites above, and Home Page For State and Federal Legislators: 1. Contact Your Legislators
2. Government and Political Action 

 A word about claims:
You have 60 days from the date of the incident to file a claim
The carrier has 8 pay periods to pay or deny your claim. This time starts at the date
that you submitted it.
The local chairman has 90 days to submit an appeal to labor relations, time beginning
at the date of the denial
Labor relations then has 90 days to respond to the local chairman from the date of the local chairman's appeal.  Bottom line; get your claims submitted as soon as possible to prevent delay.  Provide as much documentation with plenty of details-who what when and why. Look up the article and use the links portion of this site to help.
Claim Form 
Be sure to use the links page to research your claims and identify articles breached by the carrier.

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