Division 49 Miami

Division 49 Miami

President-Carl Roach

Local Chairman-Ray Kirk
12741 S.W. 53rd Street
Miramar, FL  33027

Secretary and Treasurer-
Legislative Representative-Nicholas Diorio

Operation Redblock

Philip Young-System Coordinator  (270)779-5873
Contact Phil for opportunities of local membership involvment!

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Remember that you have 60 days from the date of the incident to file a claim.
The carrier has 8 pay periods to pay or deny your claim. This time starts at the date
that you submitted it.
The local chairman has 90 days to submit an appeal to labor relations, time beginning
at the date of the denial
Labor relations then has 90 days to respond to the local chairman from the date of the
local chairman's appeal.

Claim Form
(Use the links page to research articles breached by the carrier)  

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