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We are the MadeInUSA! Product Search Engine and Database. We have listings of web sites with products sold on the Internet that are Made in America. Patriots begin their shopping here for Christmas Gifts Made in USA. Add your made-in-USA web site listing for free. Learn why you need to buy American.

The MadeInUSA!(sm) Organization is dedicated to bringing the jobs and prosperity back to the united States of America. Your help in developing and maintaining this database will assist our efforts to accomplish this goal. The Service Mark of "MADEinUSA!" is your indication that most of the product or service is performed here in America.

Select a folder from our cardfile above and click on the tab for the most current listings found by our search engine, and submitted by the web site owners. Their claim is verified as much as time permits, as we are a very understaffed, a not-for-profit organization.