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FL House of Representatives-Joseph Gruters-​President Trump has named Gruters to the Amtrak Board of Directors.  Gruters has no history that we can find of ever being a champion of
​Amtrak.  If fact, his district does not have Amtrak service.

Howard Elliott- Former CSX VP Safety and Envirnment, has been appointed by the Trump administration, as Adminitrator, Pippeline, Hazardous Material Safety Adminstration.  Mr. Elliotts appointment is now confirmed by the US Senate. 

Enjoying Retirement
Mike Lacey-Former Vice Chairman, BLET Florida State Legislative Board, has contributed to Public Broadcasting Networks in making a Great Scenic Railway Journey video.  Everyone enjoys PBS shows, and now a BLET member, from Winter Springs, can be seen operating an excursion train in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Great Job Mike!      


Trump Budget threatens long distance service for Amtrak.  Call your U.S. Congressman and Senators.

Gulf Coast-Sunset Limited-threatened by Trump budget cuts evan though a group called "Southern Rail Commission" is determined to bring back the famous Coast to Coast train.

Florida Commuter Rail Contract-Amtrak makes bid 2017

CSX has big Management Changes 2017​

Elaine Chao appointed Secretary Department of Transportation​

Federal Railroad Administration-Ronald Batory appointed FRA Administrator

National Transportation Safety Board -Ronald Sumwalt is named NTSB Administrator 

CSX downsizing Winston Yard-Lakeland Ledger-2016

CSX wants to sell Clearwater and Brooksville Subdivisions


A state grant of 1.35 million for 9 crossing upgrades for the City of Tampa.  The City will match these state funds to complete quiet zones through the downtown area. 

CSX Term Sheet Funding for Sunrail
Amounts are in millions 
"A" Line Purchase-150
Relocation opf CSX Taft Yard-23
"S" Line Improvements-198
Eliminate roadway rail grade crossings-59
Access road to Integrated Logistics Center-9
Other Freight Improvements-52
Total=491 million
Sources of funding
DOT Strategic Intermodal System-267
DOT District 5-51
Central Florida Plan 23% state, 77% local-173
Total=$491 million
Note: (The figures above have increased since the original draft and final legislation).
For your convenience use the link below to map and monitor the upgrades to the S" Line.
2016 Federal Tiger Grant Funding was not allocated for the Northern Section into Deland, Florida.  Southern Section to Poinciana on target. 

All Aboard Florida-Brightline

Florida East Coast Industries, which is a subsidiary to (FEC) Railroad, wants to operate a 240 mile passenger railroad between Miami and Orlando.  The passenger system would average 100 miles per hour and travel from Miami to Cocoa Beach using existing FEC rail lines before branching across state to Orlando on new tracks.  Stops along the way will include; Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. This project has a one billion dollar price tag thus far and is expected to increase over time.  The original plan is to lease space next to the existing FDOT highway route 528 for the 40 mile section of new track.  FECI is doing their best to keep this a privately funded project.  Currently, Amtrak or FEC rail employees are not expected to operate the system.  This project is still being planned and (FECI) All Aboard Florida still has several glitches and funding issues to work through.  The project is a favorite of Congressman John Mica.

Florida East Coast Railroad changes corporate hands

Florida Senate budget for Rail Developments-4 year plan:2013 Legislative Session through 2017  

Transportation, Tourism & Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee
If this bill is signed this session, the FDOT will administer these funds for the following projects around the State.
BLET High Speed Rail Position Paper

Governor Rick Scott sends 2.4 Billion back to Washington!
Rejecting High Speed Rail Remains a Huge Fiasco-Sun Sentinal

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